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Wheel Throwing Classes

Hosted at Creators Space, St Paul MN

Interested in throwing thinner, more consistent pots? I currently offer hands-on classes meant for potters who are looking to improve their wheel-throwing skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
What classes do you offer? Who are your classes for?
5-WEEK WHEEL-THROWING COURSE: My 5-week course will take potters through the full process of making ceramics - throwing, trimming, drying, bisque fire, glazing, and glaze firing. This course if open to all skill levels and is a great fit for hobby potters looking to take their work to the next level. Let's get muddy!
INTERMEDIATE WHEEL THROWING CLASSES (2 Hour Workshop): This is an intermediate throwing class meant to improve your skills at the wheel. Potters should know the basics of throwing - centering, opening, and pulling walls.
ALL SKILL LEVELS CLASSES (2 Hour Workshop): This class is perfect for potters with some experience at the wheel, looking to get hands-on instruction and expand their skill set.
BEGINNERS CLASSES (2 Hour Workshop): Beginners classes are best for potters with no or limited experience at the wheel. Come get muddy and explore the wonderful world of clay!
Additional Beginners classes are available through Creators Space - once you have some practice, expand your skills with my all skill levels and intermediate classes!
Please note my classes are not intended for children.

What will I learn?
5-WEEK WHEEL-THROWING COURSE: Potters will learn how to throw the fundamental forms and improve consistency when throwing, trimming and refining pots for function and aesthetic, glazing and surface decoration, and constructive critique with their fellow class mates.
INTERMEDIATE WHEEL THROWING CLASSES: In this 2 hour class, we will cover skill-building at the wheel. Class will focus on how to consistently throw cylinders, bowls, and collared forms (vases) - the basis for most forms you will create on the wheel. Mastering these techniques will allow you to create just about any form you can imagine!
ALL SKILL LEVELS CLASSES: All Skill Level classes are 2 hour open-forum classes for potters looking to practice throwing with personalized instruction. I'll complete a live demo to open class, and then provide hands-on advice to help potters reinforce existing skills, solve throwing problems, and practice consistency when throwing. We will focus on cylinders - the fundamental form in pottery - but potters are welcome to explore other forms as well. 
BEGINNER WHEEL THROWING CLASSES: In this 2 hour class, we will cover the basics of throwing on the wheel. Class will focus on how to center, open, and pull walls. These are the foundational skills that will open up the world of wheel-thrown pottery!

What else do I need to bring?
Clay and tools are included in the class fee. You only need to bring yourself - dressed in clothes and shoes that can get a bit messy! Feel free to bring a non-alcoholic drink or grab a beverage from the coffee shop upstairs before class as well.

What does the class cost? 
5-week Wheel-Throwing Courses are $240 (including materials fee) for non-members OR $200 for Creators Space members. 2-hour classes cost $40 per person. Payment is due via PayPal or Cash before class starts. You will receive a PayPal invoice following your registration.

Additional details are sent following your registration.
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